Batty for you

Another halloween mani, last one for  the year seeing as today is the 31st. thought I’d  try my hand at stamping these cute little bats from a Winstonia plate… its harder then it looks to get the hang of.



Another attempt at a little bit of nail art, this time a Frankenstein accent nail. It didn’t turn out all that great but he is still kinda cute. Used a graffiti top coat on the non frankie nails.

Candy Corn Mani

So I am fairly unskilled when it comes to the world of nail art, but i love it. Escpecially around the holidays, so i thought i would try my hand at something easy, a sponged mani remanicent of candy corn… you dont even have to blend the colours… its a little bright, but perfect for the halloween season. *I added a sparkly top coat… but forgot to include in the picture*